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Enhancing Production Efficiency and Customer Satisfaction: A Strategic Partnership Analysis

Updated: May 30, 2023


In the competitive landscape of American-made truck bed storage systems, Decked, a leading manufacturer, recognized the need to expand their product offerings by acquiring Cargoglide. Although Decked's robust distribution system enabled substantial sales growth for the Cargoglide product line, they encountered two key challenges: subpar in-house powder coating finishes and an inability to meet the surging demand within their existing plant configuration. To overcome these obstacles, Decked decided to invest in a new automated powder coating line. This blog post analyzes their solution and the strategic partnership formed with Salt City Metal Coatings, a prominent powder coating company.

Addressing the Challenges:

Decked's decision to invest in an automated powder coating line demonstrated their commitment to resolving the quality issues associated with Cargoglide's finishes and scaling production capacity. However, the challenges extended beyond mere equipment acquisition. Salt City Metal Coatings entered the picture with an astute proposition that not only showcased cost-saving potential but also offered an alternative approach to addressing the challenges at hand. Their proposal focused on leveraging value chain integration, supply chain integration, and rapid turnaround times to optimize Decked's production process and improve customer satisfaction.

The Synergistic Solution:

Collaborating with Salt City Metal Coatings proved transformative for Decked. By outsourcing their powder coating needs, Decked was able to allocate the recaptured floor space within their plant for expanding fabrication operations, thereby maximizing their overall production capacity. Salt City Metal Coatings brought to the table their expertise in delivering high-quality powder coating finishes, along with a strong customer service ethos. The partnership resulted in the development of a customized system of jigs and transport racks, ensuring the secure transit of raw, unfinished parts to Salt City Metal Coatings for coating and the timely return of finished parts to Decked for distribution. This comprehensive solution not only addressed the quality issues but also offered a cost-effective and environmentally friendly production process, ultimately bolstering Decked's competitiveness.

Achieving Favorable Results:

Through the collaboration with Salt City Metal Coatings, Decked witnessed a remarkable upsurge in production and sales figures. Notably, the substantial savings on their initial investment were complemented by the consistent delivery of products with superior finishes, leading to heightened customer satisfaction. This success story highlights the pivotal role that Salt City Metal Coatings played in empowering metal fabrication companies like Decked to seize a larger share of their respective markets. By offering exceptional powder coating services and tailored logistical support, Salt City Metal Coatings proved instrumental in enabling Decked's growth and success.


For decision-makers in metal fabrication companies seeking a reliable partner to fulfill their powder coating needs, Salt City Metal Coatings emerges as an exemplary choice. Decked's positive experience attests to the exceptional customer service, high-quality powder coating finishes, on-time delivery, competitive pricing, made in America sourcing, environmentally friendly production, logistical support, and rapid turnaround times provided by Salt City Metal Coatings. Elevate your business to new heights by joining the ranks of satisfied customers like Decked. Contact Salt City Metal Coatings today to embark on a journey towards enhanced efficiency and customer satisfaction in your industry.

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