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    AJ joined Salt City Metal Coatings in 2022 as our Chief Operations Officer after retiring from an illustrious career in the United States Navy. As a retired Navy Aviation Warfare Systems Operator (AW) and rescue swimmer, AJ has always had an unwavering dedication to serving others and ensuring their safety.


    Throughout his time in the Navy, AJ conducted numerous search and rescue missions in diverse environments and challenging weather conditions. His vast experience includes in-flight rescue operations, administering first aid, and safely transporting personnel using an array of rescue equipment. AJ's exceptional skill set and expertise enabled him to save countless lives and protect his fellow sailors.


    Today, AJ brings the same level of commitment and precision to Salt City Metal Coatings. As our COO, he is responsible for overseeing the day-to-day operations, ensuring that our high-quality powder coating services are delivered seamlessly and efficiently.


    When AJ isn't hard at work, he enjoys indulging in his passions outside the office. As an avid competitive shooter, he can often be found honing his marksmanship skills at local shooting ranges. A dedicated outdoorsman, AJ loves hunting with his two bird dogs, whom he expertly trained himself.


    AJ's adventurous spirit also extends to off-roading, where he takes his tricked-out Razor for adrenaline-fueled drives through the rugged terrain of southern Utah. His enthusiasm and passion for these activities reflect the drive and determination that make him such an invaluable asset to our team at Salt City Metal Coatings.


    We are proud to have AJ Heath as part of our Salt City Metal Coatings family, where his leadership, expertise, and dedication to excellence continue to make a lasting impact on our company and the clients we serve.

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